Migoza Award Fest 2021

At this year's Migoza Award Fest 2021, 5 categories have been selected for the award. All the things that need to happen before the Awards Fest will take place at the same time in these 5 categories.

Art will always be your favorite memory. Artists create history in the minds of each of us. We have a sense of art in our minds. But our biggest drawback is that we don't realize it. The main reason for this is that the support for artists is declining today. Many of the artists who disappeared before us still linger in our minds today. But today’s artists go unnoticed. A change is needed. Today’s artists should also be known. All hidden artists must change the veil. All abilities should be encouraged. That's why we decided to aim for such a fest and create an opportunity to inspire artists. Everyone is welcome to turn this into an opportunity.

Scheduled Days for the Migoza Award Festival 2021

Sometimes changes can occur with days due to the corona crisis.

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